LED Suits

Check out this great outfit- it uses EV tube  its like a neon tube- has a battery pack thou, we would have to work out a way to waterproof it as well. Probably worth a test- Do you have any ideas?

Instructor Profile Special

Instructor Profile Special

Novatel Sunshine Coast

It’s happened- A permanent location for Jetpacks sunshine coast at the Novatel Twin Waters- remember that if you are asked !!! Congrats to Ritchie for getting that up and running

Custom made boots

Well not really- a Stock standard boot with some modifications to give a backup to sewing failures stopping flights- We are thinking of stealing an idea from waterski to brace the leather to the baseplate with a clamp.

Our Trusty CAMLOCK

Hose ends and the camlocks can go for ages without problems then BANG they rip- Inspect your hose ends regularly   look inside for wear around the camlock. Replace camlock seals as needed – Try to SIKAFLEX them in.

Even consider replacing the pull rings, if needed- each centre has spares.

Wataboard Swivel

With the cross link removed on the wataboard, you gain full swivel movement – back and forth.

The down side is increased wear and tear on the balls and lots more changeovers and maintenance.

If they start to get to much wobble , the aluminium in the pipes rub against each other and they wear down the ball tracks and we have to throw away. be vigilaint

TANDEM Jetovator

To keep you up to date on the latest- the 2 seater jetovator- basically 2 units welded togethor.  We are not going to get one yet but you never know.

Twin Props cleanup

Cut off from the metal feeder bar, the props are surounded by the broken shell mould.

Now it’s off to heat treatment to realign the molecules for strength enhancement.

Then to the CNC maching shop to get threads cut in.

Twin Props casting

Cast in pure Titanium in groups of three- the solid bar at the top is the channel and overfill for the Titanium- they will be cutoff and cleaned up

Twin Props Intro

We are happy to say that the first jetpack made small propellors for twin props are coming off the production line.

Made from pure Titanium we are expecting great performance   and we have threaded adaptors to mount them to any standard stock propellor- however we do not know what a mismatch could do to performance.

This picture is of the WAX duplicates out of the press mold   ready to shell cut  then melt the wax out- leaving the shell behind and then filling it with Titanium. Then off they go to CNC Machining- due for this Summer season at all centres.

New jet rescue unit ???

What do you think of this new item – just invented.

Battery powered   small and powerful- unknown cost


Fireworks are now an option at Jetpack Events- get ready for training modules in this.